The Place Furniture - Terrible customer service on online store

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Oh my.Is there the possibility of negative rating?

do not shop on the online store. They are terrible. Six months later, and a whole lot of skilled responses on "It is in the mail." " We apologize, it was lost in shipping." "We will resend by the end of the week." "We will credit you $100." horrible. None of those things happened.

Bad service. Doesn't return phone calls or emails, unless i resort to threat. *sigh. Such an exhausting and fruitless experience.

They were sure prompt to charge me $1100, but horrible after that. I mean just terrible.

wish me luck in getting my refund -- other posters had to contact the attorney general of NY?

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I have a similar experience with them.They have an f rating on BBB site and for good reason.

They take your money and run.

No communication, no customer service,and definitely not what I ordered after 3 and a half months.Have lodged complaints with credit card, state attorney general, BBB, and sent nu Eros emails to them reminding them ehat crooks they are,


I have a similar experience with them.They have an f rating on BBB site and for good reason.

They take your money and run.

No communication, no customer service,and definitely not what I ordered after 3 and a half months.Have lodged complaints with credit card, state attorney general, BBB, and sent nu Eros emails to them reminding them ehat crooks they are,


I wished that I checked the reviews before placing the order. I am a victim too, filed to BBB already, and I am about to file it to Attorney General of State, I think the latter one is more powerful. All victims should work together to close down this place.

The Place Furniture Galleries Scamming Customers **Nothing But BAD Service**

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The Place Furniture Galleries

I ordered the Kendall Server over the 4th of July weekend for my business. I was assured that the Server was in-stock and would arrive within 2-3 weeks. I was going on vacation so I wanted to make sure that it would arrive while I was not out of town and able to inspect the furniture- just in case. After a week, no email I called. They said it would ship and I would receive a tracking number shortly. Another week, no email so I call. This time they delay me again and tell me that they will get back to me. Finally on the third week, I knew it was to late to receive the item. I called and told them if they didn't give me a ship date I was going to cancel my order. They called back- and of course told me that it was already shipped and that it would arrive while I was on vacation. Irate, I asked to cancel my order. They said I would be charged a 20% restocking fee and all the shipping charges. So, I called up the shipping company, who is a third party contractor, and asked if I could pick the item up instead of waiting for them to deliver it. (Item was to arrive on Monday even though it would be in my city on the Friday before). So I arranged that. Went to pick it up in a hole in the wall, this was another company that the shipping company dropped off the item with. The Furniture box was completely ripped open, the furniture had obviously rolled a few times completely damaging the structure. The doors and drawers would not close and the piece was obviously irreparable. So I had to refuse the piece, I took pictures and filed a report with the 2nd shipping company. I then called the Place Furniture and they said it would take a week to get a refund. It has been 2 weeks and I still have not received a refund, I called my credit card company and am now disputing the transaction.

I must say how disappointed I am with The Place Furniture Galleries, especially Teresa who goes by Terri. She was rude and snotty many times on the phone. This was the worst experience I have had with an online purchase. I will never ever do business with these people again and I hope you never do either. Save yourself the headaches!

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Thank you for the info!I did file a complaint with the BBB.

I also called my credit card company and disputed the charge. I have not got my money back yet, but I hope people read this and stay away from them! I know I would have if I did more research before I purchased.

I will be calling the manufactor to see if my order was ever placed.Good luck with getting your money back!


I was also scam by The Place Furniture Galleries.I ordered my Furniture ON-Line, 6/20/211 & still have not received it.

I cancelled my order on August 2, 2011; Terry Mehran & Theresa are bullying me by threatening to add shipping & restocking fees for furniture that I never received. I cancelled my credit cards, I demand they reimburse my $917.70 immediately or I will take further action. I called Steve Silver Co. & verified that my order was never placed.

They are selling & filling customers’ orders with used furniture from Magento Demo. Store, I have proof. See my complaint August 6, 20111 - Steve Silver Furniture. I did a lot of researched & have tons of info.

I found a lot of internet furniture companies are ripping off customers and making million Dollars profit each year. The same furniture company might use several different names to sell furniture over the internet. Read other furniture complaints, it just not Farmingdale, NY but all over United States. All the complaints are the same, credit cards charged immediately, rude employees, calls not returned; furniture on back order, Sun Trucking Company does the deliveries.

When the customers finally gets their furniture it is stained, ripped, damaged, dented, broken, wrong- color, wrong-style, etc.

They are scamming all of us.File a complaint with BBB, New York, Marilyn Lehrer, 516-420-0500, Ext, 3404 and contact newspapers, television station, State Attorney’s Office,...

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The Place Furniture Galleries, the order was never placed to Steve Silver Company!

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One June 20, 2011 I order Steve Silver Dining Set from The Place Furniture Galleries, Farmingdale NY & they charged my credit card immediately.They e-mailed my order & item number along with a password that I can check on the status of my order anytime.

I tried to access my password they gave me and I was denied access. I checked of my order several times & different people answered the phone & told me they will check on the status of my order & call me back. No one ever called me back. Again on July 30, 2011 I called The Place Furn.

Galleries & found out my furniture order is still not available. I checked numerous websites & found out that The Place Furniture Galleries license was revoked March 10, 2011 & found 86 complaints. I called Steve Silver Co., where the dining room set in Texas comes from & found out that The Place Furn. Galleries never placed my order.

I called back, The Place Furniture Galleries & cancelled my order with Terry Mehran. Ms. Mehran threaten to add shipping charges and re-stocking fees to my credit card. I immediately cancelled my credit card & reported fraud to Discover.

I filed a report with BBB, sent a complaint to The Steve Silver Co. & the Sales Rep for Steve Silver Co. for the Farmingdale, NY Area, & wrote a complaint to the Farmingdale Patch Newspaper. On August 3,2011, Terry Mehran, The Place Furn.

Galleries called me & told me my order has been shipped. I told her to send me a copy of the Confirmation. One August 5, 2011 I received the E-mail from Terry Mehran & Thersea about a conversation they both wrote regarding my order that my dining room set has been shipped & can not be cancelled. The e-mail contained info.

about order PO#6717 & it was pasted with several fonts. I researched more & found out this is an internal program that the companies use to fake orders. I also research more & discovered that The Place Furniture Galleries Annual Sales is 10-20 Million at one single location. Other names they use are, Discount Place Furniture, The Place Furniture Galleries Corp.

are also making millions. They continue to form new businesses & scam more consumers.

I'm sure it's the same people who answer the phones but use fake names & titles.Atten: Consumers Beware of buying furniture from Farmingdale NY, do your research ahead of time.

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Don't go to The Place furniture in Farmingdale, NY

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Run - don't walk in the other direction. Any one of the 30 other furniture stores on Rte 110 in Farmingdale is a better option than the inept, dishonest and poorly trained customer service people at THE PLACE in Farmingdale......

Ordered a cocktail table and coffee table in Feb 2010. Told 4-6 weeks for delivery. Inquired each month and each time I was forced to tell my story and given a different run around. Asked to speak to a manager. Told one would call back. No one EVER did. I was told this MANY, MANY Times!!! Finally in May, I called and spoke to a customer service rep who told me that he would cancel my order and that I needed to come into the store to get my refund (stupidly - I paid the deposit in cash). I told him I would do that when I got a chance because I live 30 miles away. He said there was no other option. They could not mail me a check.

This morning- the warehouse calls to tell me my furniture has arrived....even though I cancelled it. I called the store (put on hold forever), and am now told than I must come in with the PINK paper which is my contract to "cancel" the order and they will mail me a check. No cash back. I ask if I can scan and email it. Annoyed at no cash back, I don't want to drive 30 miles to drop off a piece of paper but they tell me they can't process my refund without the original (thank goodness I have it, apparently all would be lost if I didn't). if they can process the refund if I fax or scan and email the copy and then, when I come in to drop off the original the check would be prepared. They are inflexible. None of these options are do-able. They need the pink copy of the contract to start the process and no other option will do. I need to drive the 30 miles to drop it off or the process cannot be started to process my refund. They say I can mail it, but I don't dare...It will get "lost" and I'll be out my $350. This is all after THEY failed to abide by the contract which is written on this dumb pink piece of paper that says they will deliver in 4-6 weeks.

Spoken to 4 different people. No manager will EVER get on the line. Inflexible. Rude. NEVER deliver when they say they will.....STAY AWAY if you don't want to be frustrated and ripped off.......

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